Devondale – Mark Spears

Devondale by Mark Spears

Carter Springer returns to his home town, Devondale, to pay his respects to his recently deceased friend– Richie.

Richie’s death raises more than just questions for the old gang. It also raises a lot of ghosts, turning the sleepy neighborhood from Carter’s memories into a nightmare. One he might never escape from.

And now that he’s back… something is hungry, and it’s looking for more than just blood.

RATING ★★★☆☆
Three out of Five Stars 

A dark paranormal adventure that keeps you guessing, Mark Spears’ ‘Devondale’ is a tale that will have you afraid of your own shadow.

Mark leads you down a dimly lit path full of twists and turns and promptly frightens the daylights out of you in this unique murder story which explores the beyond.

There were parts of the narrative which bumped me as a reader, mainly the tendency to over explain at times and under explain at others. However, death, the afterlife, the circumstances of the murder… all are explored with care, and the first person narrative puts you in the driver’s seat.

I’m not typically a person who picks up a novel with elements of horror, but I did end up enjoying ‘Devondale’.

If you’re a person who is a fan of horror to begin with, I definitely recommend this adventure for you!

This is an honest review. I did not receive a copy of this book in exchange for this review.

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