I love writing (or coding) stories for Episode Interactive! Find out more below.

Episode Interactive is a visual storytelling app developed by Pocket Gems. The app allows the reader (player) to make meaningful choices during their adventure, and in effect control the flow and ending of the stories.

Not only does Episode Interactive write and publish their own excellent stories, they have fostered an online community of ‘Episode Authors’ who write and publish their own works on the app as well.

Writing for Episode is an exciting and rewarding experience. It differs greatly from traditional ‘pen and paper’ writing in the way your stories come to life before your very eyes.

Tuesday’s published works on Episode Interactive





More about Episode Interactive

Using ‘Donacoding’ authors write their stories in a way which can be described as a mix between screenwriting and simple coding. Customisable animated ‘actors’ are used to represent the characters in your story and perform simple actions written by the author. Along with the dialogue and the ability to add sound effects, the end result is an immersive visual storytelling experience.

What sets Episode Interactive apart is the reader’s ability to make meaningful choices within the story. As an author, this adds a very interesting dimension to your writing. Not only do you plan a single plot line, you are able to plan out multiple possible plotlines for the reader to navigate. Your job as an Episode author is to weave these lines together seamlessly, giving the reader believable influence over their adventure.

Episode Interactive is powered by the team at Pocket Gems, a company founded in 2009 by Daniel Terry and Harlan Crystal. Pocket Gems is a uniquely people-powered business, with creative ownership playing a large part in their internal culture. Pocket Gems quickly grew to over 200 employees (in San Francisco) and boasts over 270 million downloads of their products. With such a unique company and tight team backing Episode, it’s no wonder they have managed to create such an excellent community of engaged writers and readers. I am proud to be both!

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