My Everything by Nur Shakirah

Tuesday Cross’s review of Episode Interactive story ‘My Everything’ by Nur Shakirah

‘My Everything’ is a tale of true love which I believe everyone, on some level, can relate to. Whether you’ve experienced it yourself, felt it in your dreams, or seen it in the movies– N. Shakirah’s characters bring this pure human experience to life.

Author’s Description: 
“Are we destined to love the people we love, and be with the people we are with?” – The love story of Emma and Lucas.

Title: My Everything
Genre: Romance, Drama
Chapters: Five (Complete)
Style: Ink
Customizable Characters? No

Overall Quality of the Story Line
4/5 Stars

This is a short story, being only five episodes long. However, N. Shakirah manages to pack a lot into these lengthy and generous episodes. I found myself enjoying the story and getting involved in the lives of the main characters. ‘My Everything’ scores 4/5 stars for creating a darling story line, falling short only in that in my opinion, the story line could be a little more developed, perhaps working even more beautifully as a 7-8 chapter story.

Episode Directing
5/5 Stars

If you love well directed stories, you’re going to go crazy for ‘My Everything’. N. Shakirah manages to weave intricate scenes with plenty of movement and action plus complicated camera movements into every episode. It’s definitely on-par with the Official Episode stories.

Ability to surprise / hook / interest the reader
3/5 Stars

Each episode of ‘My Everything’ keeps you reading because you are interested in finding out how the love story unfolds. Because it is such a beautiful story, this is enough to keep you reading– however, ‘My Everything’ lacks dramatic hooks and payoffs which drive you crazy to know what’s going to happen next. Every story is different however and so are our personal tastes. Myself, I love cliffhangers, drama, and suspense. If you’re looking for an easy, beautiful read, then ‘My Everything’ is for you.

Spelling and Grammar
4/5 Stars

N.Shakira’s writing is excellent, with only minor spelling and grammar mistakes which do not take away from the story experience.

Dialogue Quality
4/5 Stars

Overall the dialogue was believable and interesting. There were only minor parts of the story in which I felt ‘pulled out’ by an unrealistic sentence or reaction, however the story quickly drew me back in.

Depth of the Characters
4/5 Stars

The main characters and their families and friends are believable ‘real’ people. I only wish that as a reader we were able to dive into more back story for the main characters, and even more into the motivation behind some of the actions of supporting characters. Alas, this is only a short story and it is difficult to achieve ‘true’ depth.

[BONUS] Custom Backgrounds
5/5 Stars

Holy guacamole! The custom art in this story by Linda Roob is out of this world. If you’re read ‘The Enchantress’ and have seen the custom art scenes they include, that is what you can expect here in ‘My Everything’. Just wow!


Overall I sincerely enjoyed ‘My Everything’. N. Shakira is not only a fantastic author, she is an amazing director. If you’re looking for a break from your everyday life and want to take a peek inside of a beautiful story of young love, ‘My Everything’ is for you.

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