Tuesday is a shape-shifter, on the run from the law for a crime she didn’t commit.
There isn’t a lot to do when you’re in hiding, so she writes stories for the supernatural community.
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Get to know Tuesday

In my travels, I’ve found that there are three very important questions you must ask people if you are to truly get to know them. I have included my answers here, for all to see.

What are your Favourite Colours?
I’m currently loving coral and blue.

How many Siblings do you have?
I have eight siblings, and am a proud middle child!

What’s your favourite Animal? 
Dragons count right? Definitely dragons.

Some Frequently asked Questions

Snaps with Tuesday

The Husband and I rocking out in NYC

A quick selfie while filming

The Hubs and I living in Seattle

Testing out my new Time Machine. Only minor kinks.

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