About ‘Recently Royal’ for Episode Interactive

It’s a fairytale, until you realize your betrothed is NO Prince Charming! Will you find your happy ending?
Customize the main characters of the story and embark on an adventure filled with friendship, love, and dramatic twists.

Story Style: Ink
Number of Chapters: 8 and counting
Genre: Fantasy
Highest Rank in Fantasy: 1

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This story has

As of September 12, 2017

What Readers are Saying

You are an amazing author! Thanks so much for sharing your work. All my love, McKenna. PS…Team Tobias all the way!McKenna via Episode Q&A
My favourite episode on episode! Please continue it!!!Rachel via Episode Q&A
OMG this is amazing and you’re amazing!!!!!!Anastasia via Episode Q&A
wow..i just love your twist and turns!Moana via Episode Q&A

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