Recently Royal Story Time: The day things looked dark

I shivered. A feeling which rolled down my spine like hot needles.

Shake it off, nothing’s wrong.

My breath fogged the cold, early morning air as I stared out into the forest. I clutched my bow tighter, the feeling of the smooth oak in my hand soothed me.

The typical shrill calls of the wivver birds echoed all around as I settled deeper into my hiding place.

Everything sounds normal, but still… 

My mind wandered to what Kylie had said the night before.

“There’s a war coming, I just know it.” 

I had told her it wasn’t possible, that the faerie Queen Naidia was too powerful to allow some ragtag band of dark magic users to upset the delicate balance.

Here in Vailour, we depended on the magic of the fae for the healing of our sick and the success of our crops– services they gladly exchanged with us in return for our most prized export, the magic dust.

I’m sure there’s a few fae in their realm who think simply taking it from us is the better option. But enough to build an army with the power to break through to Vailour? 

I tried to force a smile, but my lips only twitched. My gut churned and an uneasiness settled within my nerves.

I can’t focus on hunting today. Maybe I should head back home–

A high pitched scream pierced through the forest, reverberating off the trees.

“No, get away–” it shrieked, before being cut short.

Alone in the quiet, all I heard was the thrumming of my own heart.

I had recognized that voice.



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