Now Accepting Episode Review Requests!

I’m now accepting review requests for Episode stories!

While I’ll try my best to review as many as possible, the reality is I only have a certain amount of time. Therefore some stories will be added to my review queue and other requests will be denied

Browse my review FAQs below for more information about which stories I’ll choose, when I’ll contact you, and where the reviews will be posted.

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Episode Interactive Story Reviews FAQs

I will send you an email to let you know that I have added your story to my review queue.

I will read at least the first four episodes of your story.

Ideally I will read your entire story. This depends on time and how many episodes your story has.

Please respect that this process takes some time, particularly if I have decided to read your entire story and I need to wait for passes to be refilled.

If I begin your story and then realise it is not something I enjoy, I will let you know.

If your story earns less than 3 stars in my review process I will not share the story review on my website unless you specifically ask me to.

What is the meaning to life, the universe, and everything?

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get down to business. Tuesday Cross is … Actually this third person thing is getting tiring, how about I stop pretending I have an assistant who writes this stuff for me and I just write it how I’m thinking it 😉
I constantly get asked “Tuesday, why do you write?”. I would tell you that it’s because of my ‘passion for the written word’ , but really it’s more than that. Passion is a flash-in-the-pan sort of emotion. It fuels us the start, however on those lonely nights bereft of inspiration, where does passion get us? Into bed to try again the next day. Nope, it’s not my passion that drives me to writ. It is the overwhelming cocktail of excitement, imagination, and sense of duty I feel which pushes me to put pen to paper (or more accurately, fingers to keyboard.) Sense of duty? What the heck do I mean by that?

Let me tell you a story. I was born with a book in my hand (just ask my Mum.) I could not be separated from those precious pages, and through the years I soaked in thousands upon thousands of worlds, created by people who had seen and done much more than myself. Reading changed (and saved) my life in many ways, and I am indebted to the authors who did this.
Writing is like a superpower, if you can write, it’s almost a crime to lock it away. If your imagination is brimming with plots, twists, creatures, and adventures untold, how can you keep that to yourself? I know I can’t! You literally have the power to transform someone’s life, even if only for the duration of your book. Transport them to different realms, allow them to live outside our reality. How cool is that?

I began writing stories on Episode Interactive a few years ago. At first I told myself I was just there to read, however by the end of the first week I was already planning out the storyline which would become ‘Of Flesh and Fire’, my first story on the platform. Episode is unique in the way it brings your story off of the pages, you are essentially writing a screenplay and this appealed to my film-school background. After the overwhelmingly positive response to ‘Of Flesh and Fire’ on the Episode Interactive App, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work on the manuscript. Now, a year later, I’m excited to announce that ‘Of Flesh and Fire’ is expected to be published in November 2017.

Well, if you read all of this, you deserve a cookie. If I ever meet you in real life, use the code word ‘Jargon’, and I’ll make sure you get that cookie 😉

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